A downloadable game for Windows and Android

I would be glad if you can give it a try and leave some feedback and rate it (button top right). It is a 2.5D explorative motocross racing game with loot and physics puzzles.

The Android version of Airborne Motocross - Dirt Bike Racing is now live!

Here are some pictures:

If you want to know more about me and my games here is my website:

Here is my marketing pitch (which I would love to get feedback on as well):

Explore to find items. Fly with your bike. Race other players. Solve puzzles.
Delve into the levels to relax or race others to get excited. Find items like a hang glider and solve some (optional) physics puzzles along the way.

Airborne Motocross features some unusual mechanics and items. For example once you have got the hang glider you will spend a lot of your time in the air, especially after you have found the nitro booster.

Exploration (work-in-progress):
Combining items to reach new spots in the levels is at the heart of the game. Use them to overcome obstacles, unlock new areas and eventually, find new items.

Racing (work-in-progress):
Global highscores, clans, tournaments, pvp. You will find all these familiar features to make you feel at home. But there are some odd challenges too, like getting a huge ball into the goal as quickly as you can (rocket league anyone?).

Use the items to speed up your times in the PvP races. But don't make the mistake of thinking there is no skill involved. To make it to the very top of the player charts you'll need to get good.

Looking forward to your feedback.
Thank you!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreRacing, Puzzle
Made withUnity, Box2D, Blender
Tags3D, Exploration, Loot, motocross, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen, Smartphone


AirborneMotocross-244.zip 47 MB
sbr2-v1.0.0-b244.apk 60 MB

Install instructions

The .zip includes a folder with an .exe and game files. To start the game unzip it and simply start the "Airborne" exe.

Android (Google Play Shared App)
If you need help with the installation then here is a guide: https://airborne.kamgam.com/how-to-use-internal-app-sharing

Android (.apk manual Install)
The Android ".apk" file will need to be installed manually. I have create a guide (with screenshots) here:

Development log


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First of all, fun game, good looking and clean mechanics, good job!
But to complete that, here are some unordered gameplay elements that bothered us in the game (note that we were testing it on Windows):

  • No controller? Even if your mechanics are simple, it would be great to use triggers to control the boost and sticks to handle the bike
  • No feedback at the end. The comeback to the main menu seems weird, like really the end of the game, I would love a little scoreboard with my time on this track, keeping the last X best times like old good games, maybe including the medals at first? This would increase the replayability and the global testing feeling
  • Main Menu at the end. It matches the previous point. Even if we can retry the same track by clicking on it, I feel like it would be better to still be in the track environment with two basic buttons : Restart / Main Menu

Now some unordered bugs, the majority of them being minor ones:

  • Your buttons look great but are spoiled by this aliased triangle under the selected button

    Feel like a color change would be nice!
  • A very minor one: Clicking anywhere in the Settings window resets the small animation with the white triangle under settings moving a bit
  • When restarting a race while boosting, sometimes the boost sprite is still there a the beginning of the race
  • More important: The remapping does not work. As a french player, I have an AZERTY keyboard and the left direction should be mapped on Q. When remapping it to Q, it still is the A key that goes left.
  • And finally, when going back to the Settings in-game, the Controls tab shows the Mobile menu

    Final small question, more than a feedback, what about the game's name?
    Airborne Motocross is nice and suitable but Airborne alone is a little misleading don't you think?

    Thanks again for seeking and providing feedback to others, keep up the good work ;)

    Rémi from Arokma
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Hi Rémi and thank you for your detailed feedback :-)

1) No controller? - Yes, controller support will come. It's half way implemented and still causes some errors. If you disconnect the controller the remapping of the keys should work. I will address this in future updates. Thanks for letting me know about the touch controls reemerging in the settings. This bug is haunting me :/

2) No feedback at the end. - The menu structure and end screen will change a lot. There will be a score board etc. at the end and also the main menu will change. So this one is just a menu quickly thrown together to allow players to test the game feel (controls). I should have done a better job explaining that at the start of the game. All your feedback concerning the current menu it is very true. I am surprised you even noticed the aliased triangle, good eye for details (that's because it's not a graphic but a mesh cutting it off).

The underlying issue with this whole "messy" UI (both visual and flow) is that I wanted to get a playable version out quick to test the controls. I admit, the UI was not a priority on this one.

3) Thanks for the bug report on the booster etc., will take a look at that.

4) Hm, I chose "Airborne" deliberately to give the title some contrast to "Motocross" but "Airborne" alone should not be the title (did you encounter it without the "Motocross" anywhere? If yes, then that's not on purpose). The intention is to make people curious, like: "Wait a minute, motocross bikes are not airborne by default, what's this?"

Mérci pour "testing" mon jeux et bonné chance avéc vox jeux aussi (sorry my french is very rusty).

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good prototype

Thank you for playing. I have commented on your youtube channel as well. Not sure if there should be some audio commentary in the video (I heard none) but it fit's my game since it also has no sound (yet) :D

Thanks again.

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Update Dec 26th (version 7fe2761): I noticed that in your playthrough you (accidentally) hit the "Start from beginning" button instead of the "Start from last Checkpoint" button after crashing in the tutorial.

This was due to a wrong button being auto-selected. This is now fixed.

I also made the space for the jump a little bigger so other players will not bump into the ceiling.

Thanks again for your feedback, already caused some change :D

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ok :O

  •  Need sound :)
  • hide cursor in gameplay
  • Boost or rocket
  • Multiplay
  • Bomb, Trap
  • I want girlfriend!



Thank you for playing.

  •  Sound will be in the finished game (if you have any recommendations for music, I am all ears).
  • If you search around in the DEMO level you will find a booster.
  • There will be async multiplayer in the final game, so your race will be recorded and anyone who wants can compete against you.
  • The cave in the snow area is kind of a trap. You will have to puzzle your way out of it. Though it is completely optional at the moment. Most players will skip it by default. You can find the access at the start of the snow area. Hint: there is also another item in the level (turn left right at the start in the demo level ;-)
  • Can't help you with that last one, sorry. But I wish you good luck!
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Update Dec 26th (version 7fe2761): cursor is now hidden during the race (thanks for the hint). Though it will be shown if you move your mouse (I did that to avoid confusion). It will hide again after ~1 Sek without movement.