Airborne Alpha 6 (new level)

I have just uploaded a new version. Here are the updates:

1) A new demo level (clouds) is now included.
2) It fixes a lot of errors people had if a controller (xbox controller, ps4 controller) was connect. If you have been suffering from this then the new version will fix it. Controllers are still not supported yet. Now they simply don't wreak havoc on the game any more.

Sa always you can downdload from the itch page or ..

Windows Pc (a zip with and .exe inside, ~35MByte):

Android (.apk file for manual install, ~45MByte):
If you need help with the installation then here is a guide:

Android (Google Play Shared App):

Here is how the clouds level looks like:

Looking forward to your feedback!

Files 31 MB
Jan 22, 2021
sbr2-v1.0.0-b208.apk 44 MB
Jan 22, 2021

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